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Bayside is an upper middle class neighborhood known for its high end subdivisions and large stock of free-standing homes, good school districts, lots of recreational parks, and a plethora of historical landmarks. The town boasts some beautiful sites. To the north, the Long Island Sound and Little Neck Bay; to the south you have Oakland Gardens.  Although these places are breathtaking and peaceful, they are home to an assortment of wildlife that can easily become pests; raccoons, opossums, rodents, bees and wasps, ants, termites (Yes, even termites) and many other household pests.

There is always something to do while you are in Bayside. There are plenty of places to go when you are in the shopping spirit. Bayside Hills, a subdivision of South Bayside, is known for its thirty-three street malls and accents. A short train ride away you could be in Manhattan, or watching a game at Yankee Stadium. If you are up for an adventure you could travel south and enjoy the beach and fun festivities at Coney Island.

The increase in population and tourism to the area coupled with the need for public transportation to get around, has begun an epidemic in the spread of bed bugs. They are easily passed from one home to another and can be difficult to eradicate properly. That’s why investing your time and money into the right pest control company is so important. So if you require Pest Control Bayside New York please call us. We are eager to help you eliminate all pests.

Best Pest Management in Bayside NY

We are knowledgeable in all areas of pest control and prevention. We know every area of Bayside NY and how to handle each pest problem associated with them. If you are looking for a good pest management company, and by good I mean one of the BEST, AAA Superior Pest provides services to eradicate all varieties of pests; some as simple as ants and spiders coming into your home to as large as a whole home bed bug infestation.

We have been in business since 1999, where we started out as a one-man crew, and have grown to service some of the biggest and best properties in the Tri-State Area. We have also been providing bed bug heat treatments to the NY Metro Area  since 2007, which makes us one of the most experienced companies out there that provide thermal remediation.

How did we come to be one of the best? Because we take our jobs very seriously and we are GREAT at what we do! We treat every client with respect and honesty. We pay close attention to the details of the issues and provide specialized treatment plans. We offer free insect identification, so if you don’t know what type of pest you’re dealing with just give our office a call and send us a picture, or send us the bug!

We get the job done right the first time and we guarantee our services!

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  • Structural Pest Proofing
  • Rodent Exclusion
  • Pre-Demolition Rodent Control Certificates
  • Organic Pest Control Programs