Bed Bugs New York City Hotels

Bed Bugs in NYC Hotels

New York City is the holder of the best slice of pizza in the country, thousands of tourists and the highest quality hotels, but also of a few creepy crawlers. Any big city is prone to being the top choice for nasty critters and bed bugs are no exception. No traveler wants to end their stay in New York with bites up all over their body, so be sure to avoid NYC hotels with  bed bug infestations. We provide preventative pest control service to a number of fine hotels in NYC.

Reported NYC Hotels


  • The  xxx in Madison Square Garden:This Hotel has had several reported events of bed bug infestation. Several guests have reported receiving red, itchy bumps during their stay. The hotel has not responded well to the claims, denied any infestation problem and prolonged professional extermination.


  • The XXXX, Times Square:  The ?? has had several guests report an infestation problem. One guest claimed to have received several bites and her own home infestation after visiting the hotel, while another received large, red welts. The hotel claimed they had a personal inspector scope out the area who found no signs of infestation.


  • The XXXXX Hotel, Tenth Avenue: Guests reported an infestation at the during their stay in which they received several red, itchy bumps over their legs and sides. The hotel later confirmed an infestation and reimbursed the guests for their room, suitcase, dry cleaning and inspection of their home.

Lets face it-Hotels are only as good as their last guest. They are doing everything possible to prevent bed bug issues.

How to Avoid Staying in a Bed Bug Infested Hotel


  • Research: The number one thing any NYC traveler needs to do is research, research, research. They should look at as many sites as possible in order to find out what previous guests are saying. There is also a Bed Bug Registry site where previous guests of a variety of hotels register the ones that were found to be infested and explain the actions that were taken. Individuals should look farther than just the hotels home website. This will help to find the truth within the good and the bad rather than just skimming top reviews.


  • Avoid Assumptions: Do not just assume that if a hotel costs more they will never have a bug problem. Bed bugs do not follow the rules of lower and upper class. They can find their way into a hotel of luxury just as easy as a lower class establishment. No matter what the price, research before reserving.


  • Look for Signs: If a hotel guest is worried that they may have made the wrong choice, they should look for signs of infestation within the room. Often, sheets may contain blood smears or piles of bug feces may be hiding along the bedrails. Bed bugs usually hide behind the head board of the bed or underneath the mattress. While it may not be fun to search for the little critters, it is a lot better to spot them in the room than find that they hitched a ride on the way home.

When planning a trip to The Big Apple, keep in mind that the big city holds some big surprises, both good and bad. Avoid the bad as much as possible, keep the creepy crawlies away and choose a hotel wisely.