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Bedford Park
Residential neighborhood in New York City, New York

Pest Control Bedford Park NY 

Bedford Park is a residential neighborhood in the northwest Bronx, between the New York Botanical Garden and Lehman College. It has a population so greatly composed of foreign-born immigrants, there are distinct ethnic enclaves. Bedford parks’ ethnic diversity demonstrates itself in an assortment of ways. Among them, the national symbol of Albania (the double-headed eagle), the icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe(sacred to the Catholic Mexicans), the Shamrock of Ireland, the Arabic calligraphy of the shahada (the Muslim profession of faith), and the coqui of Puerto Rico.

Bedford Park is a relatively quiet neighborhood known for its schools, greenery, and history; it is also home to some of the Bronx’s oldest buildings. It is well connected to the great outdoors. To the east are the Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Garden. To the north and west are Van Cortlandt Park, Mosholu Parkway and Jerome Park Reservoir.

With such diversity and culture, coupled with its good school systems and greenery, it makes Bedford Park a great place to live and raise a family BUT!!!… Even places like Bedford Park run the risk of issues with household pests. Being proactive when it comes to pest control is a must and choosing the right company is key.

Best Pest Management in Bedford Park NY

We know Bedford Park. We know the areas, we know the neighborhoods, and we know the issues. If you’re looking for a good pest management company to handle your issues, and by good we mean the BEST, look no further than A3 Superior Pest.

We’ve been serving Bronx neighborhoods since 1999. Of course, that was back in the original form when A3 Superior was a one-man operation. Since then we’ve grown to service some of the best and biggest properties in the Tri-State area. We are also one of the most experienced thermal remediation companies out there. We have been providing bed big thermal treatments to the NY Metro Area (New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania) since 2007.

How did we come to be one of the best? Because we are GREAT at what we do!! We treat every client with respect and honesty and are knowledgeable in every area of pest control and prevention. We pay close attention to the details and provide specialized treatment plans. We also offer free insect identification, so if you don’t know what type of pest you’re dealing with just give our office a call! We can have you send us a picture, or even send us the bug!
We have the know-how and the manpower to get the Job done. If you are looking for a good pest management company, and by good we mean one of the BEST, choose AAA Superior Pest!!

We Exterminate the following in Bedford Park:

 Ants – all varieties
 Cockroaches
 Centipedes
 Silverfish
 Rats
 Carpet Beetle
 Wasps – all varieties
 Bees – all varieties
 Bed Bugs – using Heat or Traditional Methods
 Ticks
 Termites – baiting and traditional programs
 Spiders
 Mites
 Mosquito
 Crickets
 Clothing Moths
 Mice
 Flies
 Fleas
 Earwigs

We also provide:

 Organic Pest Control Programs
 Pre-Demolition Rodent Control Certification
 Rodent Exclusion
 Structural Pest Proofing