How To Get Rid Of Pigeons

Bird control involves using the natural instincts of birds coupled with proven exclusion or barrier-type installations such as spikes or netting. In other words, we change the environment from one that was hospitable to the needs of pest birds to one that dissuades them from frequenting your place of business. Pigeons and pest birds carry many types of diseases. In addition their droppings destroy many items due to their acidity. Pigeon control in places like NYC is a tough undertaking and something that we are good at. Whether it is netting in a courtyard using exclusionary tactics or installing birdslide or spikes we can handle the job. We have nothing personal against pigeons and there are many pigeon lovers. We just object to the damage and the health hazrds they can cause when they inhabit the wrong areas.

A3 Superior has been providing Bird Control to NY and NJ since 1997. We still have pigeon exclusion netting and hardware in place over building courtyards and on parapets that are over 15 years old and still in perfect condition.

Humane Bird Control

We can evaluate your situation and come up with the best plan to control and/or exclude pest birds from your building or facility.

Bird Control and Health

Birds and their droppings damage millions of dollars in property and create serious health threats. Histoplasmosis is a fungus that builds up on bird droppings that have become moist and are not exposed to sunlight. This disease can kill you. Unfortunately, most people don’t even know they are exposed to it and it builds up over years in your lungs. We can sanitize areas contaminated by bird droppings using chemicals and/or heat. In most cases, cleanup of areas contaminated with droppings takes experience so cross-contamination does not occur. We provide netting, spikes, bird wire, and other control products to prevent damage and protect the health of people and reduce contamination. We don’t want to kill pigeons-just get them to move on to another area where they won’t interfere with people or their health.


Humane Bird Control

Bird control can be done humanely. It is dependent on the situation and the experience of the the company dealing with the situation. In many cases it is enough to make life a little more difficult for the birds nesting or occupying an area that they are not wanted. Since most wildlife would rather keep things simple and easy they move on.

For more information on Histoplasmosis please visit this site

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