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Need a GREAT exterminator? Something “Bugging” you?  Brooklyn is one of the fastest-growing boroughs. Not just people but pests!! You need a good Brooklyn Pest Control Operator. Someone that takes pride in their Pest Control services.  Just a few short years ago Brooklyn was the place where you had a warehouse or factory. Nowadays you have high-rise buildings with doormen. Artists and young professionals fill the streets. Brooklyn is BOOMING! To say that Brooklyn is going through a renaissance would be an understatement. We’re not saying that Brooklyn was not great before. Ayyyy! Yo! it’s Brooklyn fuggedaboudit!! Brooklyn has a beautiful small city feel about it and it’s a great place to raise kids but it still needs pest control and we are here to help. So if you are living in ANY of these areas and you need a  great Brooklyn PMP; Pest Management Professional, to get rid of a pest(we are talking 4, 6, or 8 legged) we can help.

Areas Near Me (That’s You) To Get Pest Control in Brooklyn, New York

Bath Beach
Bay Ridge
Bergen Beach
Boerum Hill
Borough Park
Brighton Beach
Brooklyn Heights
Carroll Gardens
City Line
Clinton Hill
Cobble Hill
Columbia Waterfront
Coney Island
Crown Heights
Cypress Hills
Ditmas Park
Downtown Brooklyn
Dyker Heights
East Flatbush
East New York
East Williamsburg
Fort Greene
Fort Hamilton
Gerritsen Beach
Manhattan Beach
Marine Park
Mill Basin
Navy Yard
New Lots
Ocean Heights
Park Slope
Prospect Heights
Prospect-Lefferts Gardens
Sea Gate
Sheapshead Bay
South Slope
Spring Creek
Starrett City
Stuyvesant Heights
Sunset Park
Vinegar Hill
Williamsburg – Northside
Williamsburg – South Side
Windsor Terrace

Pests We Eliminate In Brooklyn

So we provide extermination services for the following pests in Brooklyn New York. We are really good at being a Brooklyn Exterminator. We do not fool around. So we service the following and we do a good job and guarantee our work.
1. Bed Bugs: We provide both traditional chemical treatment as well as thermal remediation also known as heat treatment which will eliminate bedbugs in one day. If you’re moving from an infested place to a new apartment and you don’t want to bring the bed bugs with you we can treat your moving van or truck which is also known as a box or truck treatment. We can also provide a certified canine to inspect for bed bugs seven days per week. Our dogs and handlers are well trained and above all honest. We now offer Biological Bed Bug Extermination check here for more information. The best thing about this is there is NO PREPARATION and it lasts 3 months!!

2. Rodents: if you have mice or rats infesting your home not only are they a health danger but they are a structural danger to your home or apartment. Rats are actually one of the leading causes of fires in structural buildings because they like to gnaw on things. This is because their front teeth or incisors are constantly growing and they need to file them down. We as Brooklyn exterminators are very good at eliminating rats and sealing them out. 

3. Cockroaches: cockroaches are disgusting and spread disease. If you start out with two cockroaches and provide them with enough food and harborage you can literally have millions of cockroaches within a year. We bait for cockroaches. This provides a domino kill effect eliminating even the baby roaches which rarely emerge from deep crevices and cracks because their mothers and fathers will eat them. And you think you’ve got it tough. Nevertheless, we have no mercy on cockroaches. So if you have an issue call us we will eliminate it.

4. Carpet beetles: These insects eat everything. We mean everything. They will feed on wool, leather, silk, hides, Oriental rugs, cotton, chocolate, spices, other dead insects, dead rodents within the wall, soap, toothpaste, plus they are exceedingly difficult to eliminate because of this ability to feed on everything. Call us will come up with a guaranteed program to eliminate carpet beetles and protect your stuff.

5. Ants: Ants are persistent. Treated the wrong way ants will do something called budding where the colony will split into multiple factions. They will also make your life very unpleasant because no one likes waking up in bed and find that they’re sharing it with ants. We can come up with a nice aunt program that will target the colony by targeting the Queen and eliminate your ants.

6. Anything that walks crawls flies slithers jumps or bugs you can eliminate. We also offer free identification of insects if you don’t know what you’re dealing with just call our office and send us a picture or send us the bug. See our complete list here