Brooklyn Heights Pest Control

A3 Superior services Brooklyn Heights for all pests.

A3 Superior services Brooklyn Heights for all pests.

Brooklyn Heights New York Extermination Services

Brooklyn Heights is an affluent residential neighborhood within the New York City borough of Brooklyn. It is situated directly across the East River from Manhattan and connected to it by subways and regular ferry service. It is noted for its low-rise architecture and its many brownstone row houses, mostly built before the Civil War, churches and other religious institutions.
Brooklyn Heights was the first neighborhood protected by the 1965 Landmarks Preservation Law of NYC. The area is mainly composed of blocks of picturesque row houses and a few mansions. These row houses are typically three or four stories tall. The concentration of these pre-Civil War houses, makes up one of the largest ensembles of such housing in the nation, and creates a neighborly atmosphere. The result is a neighborhood that is very attractive to current and future residents.
The pre-dated construction of these brownstone buildings may have structural flaws that make it easier for rodents, termites, or other 4, 6, and 8 legged pests to get into your home. The easiest step is choosing a company with the experience and knowledge to get the job done.. You can find that and more with AAA Superior Pest Control!

A3 Superior Provides the Best Pest Management in Brooklyn Heights NY

When there’s a concern, know where to turn! We understand the demand for service and we are knowledgeable of the structures of the homes and businesses of the neighborhoods within Brooklyn heights. Our company originated back in 1999, when we were a single man operated business. We have since grown in our traditional and non-traditional pest management programs as well as thermal remediation, which we have been using to heat treat the NY Metro Area (New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania) for bed bugs since 2007. Making us one of the most experienced companies out there that provide thermal remediation.
Our company has continued to expand. We now service some of the biggest and best properties in the Tri-State Area. This is all in part because we are GREAT at what we do! We have the expertise to get the job done right and we perform every aspect of our job with integrity, honesty, and respect. We pay attention to detail and handle each issue with a specialized treatment plan. We offer free insect identification, so if you don’t know what type of pest you’re dealing with just give our office a call. We can have you send us a picture, or even send us the bug!!
We have the knowhow and the man power to get the Job done. If you want results, call the BEST in PEST!! AAA Superior Pest!

A3 Superior Pest Control Treats for:

o Bed Bugs- using Heat or Traditional methods
o Ants – all varieties
o Rats
o Bees – all varieties
o Fleas
o Wasps – all varieties
o Silverfish
o Termites – Baiting and traditional programs
o Cockroaches
o Mice
o Carpenter Bees
o Mites
o Spiders
o Carpet Beetles
o Ticks
o Mosquitos
o Flies
o Clothing Moths
o Centipedes
o Earwigs
o Crickets

We also provide:
o Structural Pest Proofing
o Rodent Exclusion
o Pre-Demolition Rodent Control Certificates
o Organic Pest Control Programs