May: Lyme Disease Awareness Month

EntsocAmerica: RT @megsquitophd: It’s Lyme Disease Awareness Month! 1) Be aware of tick habitats.2) Wear an EPA registered repellent product.3) Do a thorough tick check after being out and about where ticks may be found.#LDAM #NoTimeForLyme #tickt… — Jeff Klein; ACE (@BedbugXpert) May 3, 2021 Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Linkedin Envelope

Is Mosquito Control Safe for You and Your Family?

Don’t ask if my mosquito control is safe, ask am I safe from mosquitoes! Is Mosquito Control Low Risk? Is Mosquito Control Safe or are there dangers from treatment I am not taking into account? Spring is coming even though as I write this it’s now 11° outside. With spring come the bugs. And that’s typically … Read more