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Introducing Mosquito.Tech

We are pleased to introduce Mosquito.Tech This is our new site that is dedicated to controlling and eradicating mosquitoes and protecting you and your family from the diseases that these horrible insects bring. Eventually we are going to have a full line of mosquito misting systems, screens, bed enclosures, both organic and general pesticides, and … Read more

Latest Study On Bed Bug Resistance

SUBSCRIBE Originally Published in PCT Magazine March 2016 PCT Magazine March 2016 Bed Bugs Resistant to Widely Used Pesticides, Study Finds Bed Bug Supplement – Bed Bug Supplement New research from Virginia Tech and New Mexico State University sheds light on bed bug resistance to the neonicotinoid class of pesticides. Some of the most widely … Read more

May: Lyme Disease Awareness Month

EntsocAmerica: RT @megsquitophd: It’s Lyme Disease Awareness Month! 1) Be aware of tick habitats.2) Wear an EPA registered repellent product.3) Do a thorough tick check after being out and about where ticks may be found.#LDAM #NoTimeForLyme #tickt… pic.twitter.com/74fU6K5BK5 — Jeff Klein; ACE (@BedbugXpert) May 3, 2021 Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Linkedin Envelope

Is Mosquito Control Safe for You and Your Family?

Don’t ask if my mosquito control is safe, ask am I safe from mosquitoes! Is Mosquito Control Low Risk? Is Mosquito Control Safe or are there dangers from treatment I am not taking into account? Spring is coming even though as I write this it’s now 11° outside. With spring come the bugs. And that’s typically … Read more

Pest Control in Nassau County Long Island

Pest Control in Nassau County Long Island Long Island. We provide service mainly to NYC and the 5 boroughs but Long Island is calling. Thumbtack we have been told is a great way to expand our presence in the local communities. Time will tell. We appreciate several things about Long Island. Its a little less … Read more

Rat Control in New York City

A3 Superior provides Rat Control to NYC and beyond. Rodent Control in New York City As we can see by this Wikipedia article Rats are such an issue in New York City that they have their own Wikipedia section. Rats are an ongoing challenge to the pest control operator. This would be true of any area but New York … Read more

Small Bed Bug Heat Fans Mean Big Problems

Small Bed Bug Heat Fans Mean Big Problems With bed bug heat treatment we constantly see advances in programs and training that help the industry.Most of this is provided by the experts that make it their mission to study bed bug behavior and determine the best means of eradication with the least amount of impact … Read more

What YOU Should Know About Termite Control Companies

What You Should Know About Termite Control Companies I had a friend that called me from California. We met up at a pest control conference a few years back and managed to stay in touch. He told me a story about a homeowner that he had visited and the homeowner was complaining that the ant … Read more