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If you live in New York City and are infested with bed bugs we can get you serviced today. Call us and we can give you a quote over the phone, get you a written agreement and get you treated ALL TODAY!!  You can be on your way to freedom from bed bugs and their bites today!  How? Very little preparation on your part and thorough treatment on our part.

Preparing for treatment: Our method requires very little preparation. In fact, you only have to pull your beds and couches away from the wall. That is it. Even if you have a lot of clutter we will do ALL THE WORK so you don’t have to!

Our program is GREEN, its ORGANIC, it’s FAST and it WORKS!

All work is warrantied for 90 days. If the bugs come back so do we. Bugs start to die off in 4-7 days. Our product keeps killing for 90 days. That means you have continuous protection from the adults and the nymphs and are guaranteed complete extermination.

Call us TODAY! We can be there today! We can get you treated today! Call Now! (646) 362-9242