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Flatlands, Brooklyn may be a town you have never heard of if you don’t already live there, but it is a quiet corner in an otherwise bustling city. The neighborhood is inexpensive due to its lack of subway transit, which requires an additional commute, but gives residents in Flatlands a more peaceful living situation. The area is characterized as a bedroom community, made up of mostly one and two bedroom family homes. Many residents can own cars because they have driveways and garages where they can keep them, unlike many areas of NYC.
Flatlands has a good public school system but also offers a choice of Roman Catholic schools for all ages. The neighborhood also has a low crime right and a small town feel. Flatlands remains a primarily residential neighborhood centered around one main park, Jacob Joffe Fields, where the playground and basketball and baseball areas have been rebuilt. Although the area has less hustle and bustle then most areas in Brooklyn, it still presents issues with household pests and unwanted furry friends. With such a well knit community and small town feel, it’s nice to know there’s a pest control company that you can rely on to treat you like family when you are in need. We know the importance of having a pest free home and pride ourselves for being professional and discrete.

Best Pest Management in Flatlands Brooklyn

When it comes to Pest Control, honesty and respect, coupled with expertise and efficiency, offer our clients a company they can trust. We have the tools and knowledge to get the job done right. We pay close attention to detail and create a specialized treatment plan that caters to our clients’ need and pest issues. We’ve been serving Brooklyn neighborhoods since 1999. Of course, that was back in the original form when A3 Superior was a one-man operation. Since then we’ve grown to service some of the best and biggest properties in the Tri-State area. We are also one of the most experienced thermal remediation companies out there. We have been providing bed big thermal treatments to the NY Metro Area (New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania) since 2007.
How did we come to be one of the best? Because we are GREAT at what we do!! We take are jobs, and our customers, very seriously! We offer free insect identification, so if you don’t know what type of pest you’re dealing with just give our office a call! We can have you send us a picture, or even send us the bug!
We have the know-how and the manpower to get the Job done. If you want results, call the BEST in PEST!! AAA Superior Pest! We guarantee our services and look forward to working with you!

We Treat Flatlands Brooklyn for all pests:

o Ants – all varieties
o Bed Bugs- using Heat or Traditional methods
o Cockroaches
o Rats
o Bees – all varieties
o Termites – Baiting and traditional programs
o Carpet Beetles
o Silverfish
o Mosquitos
o Mice
o Carpenter Bees
o Mites
o Spiders
o Fleas
o Ticks
o Flies
o Clothing Moths
o Centipedes
o Wasps – all varieties
o Earwigs
o Crickets

We also provide these specialized Pest Management services:

o Structural Pest Proofing
o Rodent Exclusion
o Pre-Demolition Rodent Control Certificates
o Organic Pest Control Programs