Restaurant Services

Places where food is processed, served, stored or held provide the biggest challenge in the pest control arena.

Our services target your food handling operation holistically looking at all areas that will impact the level of control. Here is a GREAT resource from the NYC Dept of Health in regard to NYC restaurant operations.

We look at sanitation, structural integrity, and general practices to design a program that will preserve your REPUTATION as well as keep the Health Inspectors satisfied. In addition, we can provide full-service pest proofing, sanitation services such as drain cleaning and general deep cleaning, and we have some of the lowest prices in the Country on fly control equipment through our online site

Typically in restaurants, the main thing our clients want to know is how to get rid of cockroaches. Getting rid of cockroaches or roaches for short is a challenging task whenever you have food and water and lots of places to live and breed. In fact, the only thing tougher to manage in a restaurant other than roaches is fruit flies. Roaches have an exponential breeding cycle in fact roaches can start out with two and in the course of a year you can end up with over TWO MILLION roaches. That’s a lot of roaches. So we have to ensure that your staff is trained properly in sanitation, cleanup procedures, proper food storage, mop storage, water reduction etc.

 Fruit flies are another problem. In fact all small flies are an ongoing issue due to the very little amount of food, water, and space they need to set up a thriving colony. There is more information on the fruit fly here on our website.  Add in the constantly attempted incursion by rodents and you have a pretty active and ever-changing battlefield in which we wage war against the invaders. We have to get it right to protect not only your reputation but also our reputation. We have been dealing with some of the toughest environments in the World-the NYC market and we excel at food handling pest control.