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Pharmaceutical pest management is an exact science. Nothing can degrade the quality of pharmaceutical products being processed for use by the general public. Pest intrusion can cost not only precious dollars but can cost lives as well. This is why with the pharmaceutical pest management program that a3superior offers everything is created and designed by a board-certified entomologist in conjunction with your specific Standards and quality control programs.

Every facility is unique in its operation and these unique features are taken into account when you’re pest management program is designed. Of course if you have certain specifications is will be integrated but we find that typically in less they are designed specifically by a pest management professional. There are areas that will be mised in a general specification for quality control.

Similar to the stressors in food production. Many of the same. Pests are responsible for the problems found in these types of facilities. Bird control, rodent control, exclusion services, small fly control, cockroach control, ant control Are all areas that must be specifically addressed to ensure that the quality of the products being produced are not compromised in any way.

Sometimes thinking outside the box is the best way to ensure that the product being placed in the box is of the highest quality.