Radio Special

Thank you for visiting our site.  Our Special Promotion for the months of March and April is a FREE Tick treatment with ANY Protector Program. You can learn about our Protector Programs here    A3 Superior Pest Control is locally owned and operated. Our children went to school here and many of our employees live here and we have been members of the community since 2001. We are proud and happy to work for our community and do our best to serve all our clients well by providing quality services that look at all avenues of control-not just chemicals- to achieve a pest-free home. We are trained to be careful around children and pets and we care for our environment. We hope you join our family of clients. Please tell us what we can do to earn your business today and for the years to come.


Jeff Klein; Associate Certified Entomologist, Owner A3 Superior Pest Control

ps: We don’t really have trained Opossums to provide pest control. But we do have the Rentapossum Tick Control Program that is reduced risk and can eliminate ticks at the source-the rodents that feed and carry them. Ask us for details.