Rat Extermination Services

How To Get Rid Of Rats

Rats are an increasing threat to our Cities. The New York City Dept of Health has a great resource for property owners found here. It has a lot of great information on what you can do to control rat populations on your property. Rats are social mammals and can reproduce at very high rates given enough resources. We call this the triangle of life; Food, Water, and Harborage. If you deny any of these three components you will greatly reduce or even eliminate the possibility of a rodent infestation.

Rat Control Methods

There is some more information on the Norway Rat which can be found here at Pestworld.org Also  a big issue is that rodents carry fleas.Rat control methods include rat traps, rat poison in locking childproof and tamper proof bait stations, exclusion using hardware cloth or steel plating, sealing all holes with cement mixed with broken glass, and reducing access to food and water. Unlike mice which can take water from their food rats need water daily to survive. In any environment controlling these things can be difficult. A3 Superior provides professional rodent control providing a broad range of  products plus environmental analysis to determine weak points that will allow rats to enter and thrive.  We use our knowledge gained from ongoing training through organizations like The New York State Pest Management Association as well as training provided by The National Pest Management Association to stay current on the latest tools and trends in rodent control. Coupled with our monthly training programs for our technicians and you have knowledgeable professionals ready to handle any rodent control situation quickly, safely and professionally.

Rats and Fleas:

It is interesting to note that several years ago NYC did a survey on rats and fleas. Very little flea issues were found. Over the past year and a half the survey of rodent population showed almost a 75% infestation rate of the oriental rat flea. This is the same flea responsible for the spread of Bubonic Plague. Don’t let rats ruin your reputation, get you shut down by local health authorities, or endanger your family or tenants. Call us to provide a plan that will eliminate your rodent issue and keep them out.