Small Heaters Big Problems?

With bed bug heat treatment we constantly see advances in programs and training that help the industry. Most of this is provided by the experts that make it their mission to study bed bug behavior and determine the best means of eradication with the least amount of impact to the general population. Lately, though we […]

Bed Bugs Can Induce Deadly Systemic Reactions in Humans Reported By Researchers

A3_Superior_Pest_Control_LLC_New_York_NY_extermination,_Bed_Bug_Control,_Rodent_elimination_Pest_Control_Service Study recently published by the Australian Entomology Association depicts the reactions that occurred after repeated feedings of bed bugs. This shows that certain people may develop allergic reactions to bed bugs that could be life threatening. Although uncommon this study proved that these reactions may occur and that medical intervention may be necessary.   […]

Cost of Bed Bug Heat Treatment

How much are Heat Treatments for bed bugs? Are bedbug heat treatments that much more costly than traditional bedbug treatments? How much do bed bug heat treatments cost is a very common question.  The answer surprisingly is not as much as you would think! In my experience chemical programs to eliminate bed bugs run anywhere […]

Bed Bug Bites

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like? I often get asked what Bed Bug Bites look like. People often want to show myself and my staff their areas of irritation-many times without any care about where those bites may be… Unfortunately you cannot tell if you have bedbugs by the marks they leave behind. This is because […]

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