What ticks look like.

Tick image before and after feeding

Ticks are small insects that feed on blood. Unfortunately they are ever present in our environment and spread many nasty diseases. They must be controlled in and around your home. These can affect not only your health but the health of your pet(s) and children. There are many products that can be used to control ticks but if you have a large yard or a heavy tick population it is best to call in a professional (Like us :))We can help you control and eliminate these pests before they impact you and your family. There is a saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and this is really the truth when it comes to some of these blood borne ailments.

The reason is this-look at what the CDC is reporting-taken right from their website: Click Here

The CDC reports the following tick diseases in North America. We have listed those diseases primarily home to the Northeast. They are all very bad for you.

Babesiosis – Blacklegged Tick
Borrelia miyamotoi – Blacklegged Tick
Ehrlichiosis – Lone Star Tick
Heartland virus infection – Lone Star Tick
Lyme disease – Blacklegged Tick
Powassan disease-Potentially FATAL-Blacklegged Tick
Rickettsia parkeri rickettsiosis- Gulf Coast Tick
Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF)- American Dog Tick, Rocky Mountain Wood Tick and Brown Dog Tick
STARI (Southern tick-associated rash illness) -Lone Star Tick
Tularemia -Dog Tick, Wood Tick, Lone Star Tick

Pictures of Ticks:

Tick Identification and Pictures

Ticks That Spread Disease

As you can see there are many species that transmit disease. Long Islands Lyme disease cases as well as those in Upstate New York are exploding!There are many areas in the United States that are heavily infested and need a treatment program implemented to reduce disease.

Prevention is the best medicine. In a lot of cases people are exposed to ticks not only from walking along trails and hiking through the woods but from their pets. Applying a topical solution of treatment that incorporates DEET is a must when hiking by the way. You can also pre-treat your clothes with permethrin. Your pets are outside and they bring these insects into our home where they drop off of them and climb onto us during our interactions. That means it’s very important to treat your dog and your cat as well as your yard.Protect your pet! Most people think that ticks are primarily associated with deer but that is not true. It is actually the white-footed deer mouse (yes mice) that is the primary repository of the Lyme disease Spirochaete. So rodent pest control around your home is important as well. Personally I feed my deer every winter but then again I do a spring treatment spray using an organic insecticide in mid to late spring.This helps control fleas and mosquito populations as well.

If you want to take care of your dogs and cats you should provide them with a topical product like Frontline. This will also help you get rid of these insects and prevent them from attacking their host.

These creatures are horrible pests and we need to do chemical sprays to our yards to prevent them from spreading disease to us and our pets. There is no use for them and they are evil and deserve to be destroyed. Consider them walking terrorists spreading disease. No mercy or quarter should be given. We care about you, your family and your pets. A3 is well versed and very effective in eliminating these pests. With all the health risks associated with these insects it is prudent to take steps to eliminate them.

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