The Zika Virus-What Can You Do?

The CDC or Centers for Disease Control have just created a travel alert for a number of Countries where the Aedes mosquitoe is active and known to be carrying the Zika virus. You can find that list of Countries here . This Mosquito is responsible for carrying a number of diseases including Dengue Fever. The […]

Bed Bug Truck Thermal Treatments

The above video demonstrates the same principles of using a box truck to heat treat your belongings for bed bugs. The unit temperature is easily controlled and the items within easily manipulated to ensure everything is treated thoroughly killing all bed bugs as well as their eggs. The primary benefit of this method of extermination […]

Fly Control NYC Restaurants

Controlling Flies in NYC Restaurants House flies, Phorid flies, fruit flies, black-eyed fruit flies, and moth flies can all be found wherever you have unsanitary conditions that contain both food and moisture. One of the biggest challenges we have in the pest control arena is fly control in restaurants and food processing facilities. Flies are […]

Rat Control in NYC

Rats cause a lot of damage and are difficult to control As we can see by this Wikipedia article Rats are such an issue in New York City that they have their own Wikipedia section. Rats are an ongoing challenge to the pest control operator. This would be true of any area but New York […]

Bed Bug Heat Treatments in NYC

Thermal remediation for bed bugs in New York City present special challenges to those that provide the services. In many cases we are required to work in units that are not easily accessible due to either the height or the configuration of the buildings footprint. In addition there are always the challenges of parking as […]

Tips for Choosing the Best Termite Control Program

Tips for Choosing the Best Termite Control Program How do you know that you are choosing the best program for your termite control for your home or business? Usually prices vary greatly so it’s a hard decision to make. Here are a couple of tips that will help you choose the best termite control service […]

Pest Control in Nassau County Long Island

Long Island. We provide service mainly to NYC and the 5 boroughs but Long Island is calling. Thumbtack we have been told is a great way to expand our presence in the local communities. Time will tell. We appreciate several things about Long Island. Its a little less noisy and crowded, the air is a […]

Tick Bites-How To Prevent Them

How To Avoid Tick Bites Getting bitten from ticks is a risk we run every time we are outside in our yards. Ticks can be transported from wildlife such as squirrels, deer, mice, cats, dogs and birds. Pretty much any type of wildlife that crosses through your yard can bring ticks along with them. With […]

What are the signs of bed bugs

What are the signs of bed bugs? I received a call the other day from a woman who was concerned she had bed bugs. About a week after returning home from vacation she awoke with welts all over her body. She examined her bed and found one small red insect. She called the management company who sent in […]

Cost of Bed Bug Heat Treatment

How much are Heat Treatments for bed bugs? Are bedbug heat treatments that much more costly than traditional bedbug treatments? How much do bed bug heat treatments cost is a very common question.  The answer surprisingly is not as much as you would think! In my experience chemical programs to eliminate bed bugs run anywhere […]

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