Rodent Exclusion Services

Rodent Exclusion Services by A3

A3 Superior pest control provides rodent exclusion services in New York  City and surrounding areas. We have been providing pest control services to the tri-state area since 1997. We know what works and we guarantee rodent elimination. From sealing holes in concrete to rodent-proof construction we use the best rodent exclusion products and techniques for both rats and mice. All services require an in-depth inspection to determine where rodents are getting in. In most cases, this can be determined quite easily. Sometimes the use of Detex Blocks or UV lights are required to determine where the rats or mice are getting into the home or building.

Rodent Exclusion Techniques That Work

For the rodent exclusion techniques to work we need to determine where the weaknesses in the structure exist. In a lot of cases that will require removal of certain face items. These are items that are on the exterior wall such as cabinets, wall coverings etc. This is so that we can determine where the rodents are actually getting into the structure. Rodent exclusion is much more than just installing door sweeps although in a lot of cases that is one aspect. It also involves the use of hardware cloth, concrete, rodent proof materials such as light-gauge steel, copper mesh, and putting it all together in a way that makes sense and prevents further intrusion. These techniques work for both rats and mice. But we look not only at these things but all avenues of entry. We call it integrated pest management or IPM.

How Much Does Rat Exclusion Cost?

Rat exclusion varies in investment pricing.  A3 Superior Pest Control is very competitive in our pricing structure. We look to make long-term clients-not one time sales.  And it is an investment. Rats are one of the leading causes of fires due to their propensity to gnaw on wiring. Rodents, in general, can cause thousands of dollars in damage over time. Not just from there chewing on items but also the extreme amount of droppings that they leave behind. This can result in fines from the Health Department not just for rodent signs but also for “conducive conditions for pest infestation”.  In most cases, they also carry parasites such as mites and fleas which create health hazards for residents and employees. Keeping rats out through rat exclusion is a worthwhile investment. Sometimes it is very simple and only requires sealing of a few holes with copper mesh to prevent further infestation. Other times it involves removing walls, cutting back tree branches, capping pipes, or having solid cement block installed over porous stone foundation. The new types of rodent repellents that are currently on the market provide additional tools that can be utilized to keep rodents from damaging or entering your property.

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