What Kills Bed Bugs?

What kills bed bugs? What kills bed bugs? In a study provided by Rutgers University; the Wang lab in conjunction with the Jersey City Housing Authority funded in part by the US EPA, Protect-A-Bed ,Susan McKnight Incorporated and BASF chemical Manufacturing and as reported by Rick Cooper at the Northeaster National Pest Management Conference in […]

Bed Bug Bites

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like? I often get asked what Bed Bug Bites look like. People often want to show myself and my staff their areas of irritation-many times without any care about where those bites may be… Unfortunately you cannot tell if you have bedbugs by the marks they leave behind. This is because […]

Protecting People Property and Reputations!

A3 Superior Pest Control provides Pest Control services to New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We have been in business since 2004 in our current form but originated as a DBA in 1997 started by Jeff Klein; now an Associate Certified Entomologist. We are family owned and operated. We choose the scientific method of pest […]

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