A Carpenter ant on white surface. Note the anvil shaped head. These ants are polymorphic and can sometimes be red and black and other times all black.

Ants. Ants can drive you crazy. They are relentless in their quest for food and sometimes water. Their self-sacrificing survivors that will do anything to ensure the survival of the colony. Typically controlled by a primary Queen in certain instances there will be a secondary as well as a tertiary Queen. This is usually seen after general pest control sprays have reduced the number of workers to the point that the colony is in jeopardy. To ensure survival additional Queens will push egg production into high-capacity. What this means to the average person that is spraying for ants is that they end up with more ants than when they started treatment.

The other phenomenon that occurs is something called “budding”. This is where ants that have pesticides applied to their bodies enter the colony. As the poisoned ants start to die the colony splits into two separate colonies. Both of these colonies will grow back towards original size so what you end up with is an issue that is twice as large as its original. Some common species that we deal with in the Northeast are Pharoah, Ghost, and Argentine ants. These can end up occupying huge areas within the home, a skyscraper, or commercial plant. There is a picture of an Pharoah ant below.

Pharaoh ant on peony

Ant control typically involves treatment of the exterior of the home is in most cases such as with Carpenter ants and in some cases pavement ants these are coming in from outside. Other ants such as Pharoah, Argentine, Ghost and several other species involve treating the interior. In large apartment complexes it is important to determine the scope of the infestation as certain types can literally overtake thousands of square feet of space.

A3 Superior Pest Control are specialists when it comes to controlling invasive ant species. All services to control ants and their elimination are guaranteed. If the ants come back so do we. So trust us to take care of you, your family, your business, and your building. We take ant control seriously and will ensure that we eliminate the colony including the Queen or Queens depending on the situation. Eliminate the Queen and you eliminate egg production and the colony collapses. Goodbye Ants!

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