Termite Control

Is it flying ants or termites? Is the wood termite damaged or just wet rot? Termite treatment or termite control in NY, PA & NJ for your home or business entails the use of either baits, liquid pesticides pumped into the soil or a combination of both. Termite controls starts with a detailed inspection. Termite control falls under the umbrella of wood destroying insect control and is related to Carpenter ants, mold,  powder post beetles and other organisms that damage your home. We have various treatment options available to you. If you need termite control in NY or NJ we can help. Read on for further information.

Many times people think flying ants are termites. Also a lot of people spell termite termit. This is wrong as termite has an e on the end of it and termit would sound more like kermit. Just an aside but we find it strange that so many people search for termit instead of termite. If you look at the picture above you will see the key differences between these two insects. The most notable is the the difference in bodies. While ants have three distinct segments termites have a uniform body. Also the wing structure of termites gives it two identically sized wings while the ant is different lengths. If you are still confused take a picture of your termite and send it to us. We can tell you the difference with a good closeup picture and best of all its free.  You can send your termite pictures to service@a3superior.com 

More information can be found at the National Pest Management Associations page on Termite Control.

Termite control starts with a thorough inspection of your property to find areas that are prone to attack. Moisture and wood to earth contact are two of the primary causes of termite infestation. If these are found we can in most cases correct these structural deficiencies. If they are not corrected the termite treatment will probably fail over time. We warranty our jobs for a minimum of two years. After that period you may purchase an ongoing warranty where any termite treatment due to future infestation will be covered.

Termite Control

Termite Treatment

Termite treatment options include FumigationThermal remediation, traditional chemicals such as Termidor, Borates and baiting systems and more. All services are warranteed for two years from time of service. If you have any questions on termites, ants, mold or fungus call our office at 1-877-757-PROS (7767).

We are Wood destroying insect Control Professionals and we are here to help you exterminate termites and other wood destroying organisms and save your home.

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