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If you want to get rid of bed bugs realize that ALL avenues and options must be explored and employed. See the National Pest Management Associations “Best Management Practices” here

Chemical Treatment


Imagine eliminating even the worst infestation with one application, no washing clothes, no packing everything in bags, no throwing things away.  This changes everything. Call us for the best elimination program on the planet. 

  • No Preparation-No throwing things away, no living out of bags for a month.
  • Organic-Can be used in sensitive environments without affecting children, pets or chemically sensitive individuals.
  • Fast-Insects are dead within 3-5 days of exposure.
  • Use Bed Bugs to kill other Bed Bugs-they carry the treatment with them and give it to their friends-just like a virus. Travels into walls, box springs, etc.
  • Can be used in cluttered environments. 

Other Bed Bug Services


A3 Superior offers a full line of bed bug extermination services for these insects including Thermal Remediation or Heat Treatment, Bed Bugs are eliminated in One Treatment over One Day!

                                                                       CANINE INSPECTION

Certified Canines that provide scent detection to ensure that the problem is eliminated or to make sure there is a problem in the first place. 

We also offer:

  • Pre-treatment including all organic or Green treatments,
  • Prep work (if needed),
  • Supplies for monitoring,
  • Training for the awareness of these bugs. We offer free training to Real Estate Management Staff as well as Hotel and building staff so you know the signs plus know the best way to get rid of these insects.

Our Certified Canines are professional scent canines! We can also teach you about these insects and why you should never assume marks on someone’s body is from bites. Did you know that 30% of the population is immune to reactions and that this jumps to 50% at the age of 50 and older? How about that most building-wide infestations can usually be traced back through DNA testing to ONE single insect? Here is a video of us performing a heat treatment to a condo in Staten Island NY.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Kills the Entire Life Cycle

Bed Bug Extermination Experts- The A3 Superior Pest Control Difference

Extermination requires professional staff using treatments that work. We use a variety of proven methods to ensure we get rid of these insects and get your life back.  Our professional and expert services show mercy only to your budget.
These are challenging insects so be wary of the kits being sold online. In most cases, you will only make the infestation of bed bugs worse and more expensive.
We do offer a full line of supplies for monitoring, as well as prevention of bed bugs, including but not limited to passive monitors and mattress encasements. Our services for bed bugs are not only top of the line, they also come fully equipped with follow-up inspections for live bed bugs on the premises, and up to a 90-day warranty (all conditions of contracts are determined on a per situation basis).


If you are the Do-It-Yourself type of individual we offer a package where you rent a Supervisor and our equipment and you can do insect Extermination to all your insects yourself (with the help of some friends of course). We provide the heaters, the generator, the supervision, the fans, the electrical cords-everything you need to provide Bed Bug Extermination and eliminate your bed bugs. Just read up and call us. We will be happy to help!

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Kills Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Best Management Practices-The Standard As Presented by the National Pest Management Association

Read This If You Want To Become A Bed Bug Expert