Bed Bug Heat Treatments in NYC

Bed Bug Heat Treatments in NYC By A3 Superior Pest Control

Thermal remediation (aka Bed Bug Heat Treatments) for bed bugs in New York City present special challenges to those that provide the services. In many cases we are required to work in units that are not easily accessible due to either the height or the configuration of the buildings footprint. In addition there are always the challenges of parking for Bed Bug Heat Treatments in NYC. You must deliver the equipment to the site, then you must get the heaters into the unit, bring your own electricity, bring your own fans – and this requires a large vehicle.  For Bed bug Heat treatments in NYC we have an enclosed 20 foot box truck with a generator inside.  In addition, you are now looking in most cases of going vertically from the ground floor up to as high as 20 to 40 stories. That’s 200 to 400 feet vertically. The equipment required to maintain the lines as well as securing the lines to the building every 10 stories becomes quite challenging. 

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Cost

No wonder the costs of thermal remediation or bedbug heat treatment in New York City is typically 2 to 3 times that that would be found in the surrounding boroughs. It just takes a lot more time, a lot more manpower, and a lot more planning to get the job done correctly and safely. Many people believe falsely that these treatments are not available in New York City due to these restrictions but that is not true. A3 Superior Pest Control has been providing these types of services to the residents of New York City since 2007. We have over a 98% success rate first time out over these last 17 years. That success rate is not based on just new infestations but situations that were treated multiple times by multiple companies over periods as long as two years without elimination. Heat is that effective. 

Bed Bug Heat Treatments Done Correctly DO NOT Spread Bed Bugs

Thermal Remediation is the fastest and best way to kill Bed Bugs. This may not be the case with low-powered electrical heaters that take too long to get the temperature of the apartment to lethal temperatures. You cannot simply plug in components to 115 V outlets and expect them to produce the type of heat output required to provide a Bed Bug thermal treatment. This is why we bring our generation power. We use 480V 3P Heaters. These are POWERFUL and get the job done. The power that we provide and the number of heaters and fans that we use can holistically heat and raise the temperature to lethal numbers generally within one to two hours. We have found that this is ideal for complete elimination. In addition if the heat is maintained long enough you will totally penetrate wall voids, furniture, cracks and crevices and every other location that these insects can hide. Remem,ber a Bed Bug is dead in less than 30 seconds at 135 degrees, all Bed Bug eggs die at 130 degrees in 10 minutes, and Bed Bugs are attracted to the heat. In many cases we see Bed Bugs emerege from hiding spaces during the heating process and either move towards the heaters or start to probe surfaces thinking it is something to eat. So the faster you can get your heat up to lethal temperatures the better off you are and the more successful your bed bug heat treatment results will be. When it comes to Bed Bug Heat Treatments in NYC heater size and electrical voltage matters!

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Bed Bug Heat Treatments in NYC