About A3 Superior Pest Control

Our Company was formed in 2004. It started in its original form in 1997 as a DBA called Empire Pest Management. I started with a backpack, bait gun, a spray tank  and the desire to be the best at what I do. Since 2004 we’ve grown to service Residential, Commercial, and Institutional Accounts. We service high-rise apartment buildings, Hotels, Garden Apartments, private homes, camps, restaurants, warehousing, food productions, and long term care facilities. A3 has grown because we believe in providing quality customer service and attention to detail.  Our staff works daily at BEING the best at what we do in our market.

Why A3 Should Be Your Pest Control Company

We are certainly not the largest company but we are big enough to tackle any pest control issue you may have and count you as a client, not a number. We provide a free survey and analysis of your current issue, provide a written proposal, provide free insect identification, and guarantee our service. I am very proud of the work we do; the care in which we eliminate pests as well as the care that we take of our planet. It is said that without pest control there is no civilization as we know it. Diseases would be rampant, food shortages extraordinary, and no one would be able to live in their home without sharing them with vermin. Let my family take care of your family. We will both be happy you did.

Jeff Klein; ACE

Jeff Klein; A3 Superior Pest Control


Jeff Klein; Associate Certified Entomologist/Owner A3 Superior

Our Mission

A3 Superior Pest Control’s mission is to protect our clients, their property, and their reputations. We provide a workplace that enables growth and promotes excellence. We believe our company is the best in the industry and will continue to attract outstanding people if we maintain our extraordinary work environment. A3 Superior clients remain clients for life.  We share the knowledge we have gained over 20 years in the pest control industry with both customers and employees.  This enables us to get rid of, and remain free of the pests that threaten our lives, livelihood, and peace of mind. We will do this through education, training, and ongoing evaluation. We will always look for better ways to provide protect people, provide pest security, control costs, protect the environment, and promote the stability, growth and reputation of our clients’ businesses as well as the professional development of our employees.