Small Heaters Big Problems?

With bed bug heat treatment we constantly see advances in programs and training that help the industry. Most of this is provided by the experts that make it their mission to study bed bug behavior and determine the best means of eradication with the least amount of impact to the general population. Lately, though we […]

Post On Bed Bug Injuries by Susan C Jones (January 2004). “Extension Fact Sheet “Bed Bugs, Injury””(PDF) Ohio State University

Fact Sheet on Bed Bugs by Susan C Jones, PH.D., Assistant Professor of Entomology Extension Specialist, Household and Structural Pests of The Ohio State University Extension Click on the link for PDF HYG-2105-04 Susan Jones Ohio Extension

Bed Bugs Can Induce Deadly Systemic Reactions in Humans Reported By Researchers

A3_Superior_Pest_Control_LLC_New_York_NY_extermination,_Bed_Bug_Control,_Rodent_elimination_Pest_Control_Service Study recently published by the Australian Entomology Association depicts the reactions that occurred after repeated feedings of bed bugs. This shows that certain people may develop allergic reactions to bed bugs that could be life threatening. Although uncommon this study proved that these reactions may occur and that medical intervention may be necessary.   […]

With NYC Summer Heat Comes American Cockroaches

The American cockroach or waterbug is a large cockroach of about 2 1/2 to 3 inches that spends most of its life in moist and damp environments. In New York City these cockroaches inhabit the sewer system by the billions. They are a wonderful food source for rats but they are a bane to any […]

What YOU Should Know About Termites

  Prevent Damage > Control Termites I had a friend that called me from California. We met up at a pest control conference a few years back and managed to stay in touch. He told me a story about a home owner that he had visited and the homeowner was complaining that the ant control program he […]

Color Preferences Of Bed Bugs

Do Bed Bugs Like Certain Colors?   Researchers recently published findings stating that bedbugs like certain colors over others. The latest findings show that the darker tints or colors are much more attractive to bed bugs then lighter shades. This of course makes great sense because bed bugs typically are not fast, they don’t fly, […]

Latest News On Zika

Nothing good to report on the Zika Virus. This was presented by the CDC on April 20th. This is looking more and more like it is going to give us a lot of trouble. Mix this with the similarities of the Asian Tiger Mosquito and we could be in for a rough summer. “CDC Finds […]

Latest Study On Bed Bug Resistance

Originally Published in PCT Magazine March 2016 PCT Magazine March 2016 Bed Bugs Resistant to Widely Used Pesticides, Study Finds Bed Bug Supplement – Bed Bug Supplement New research from Virginia Tech and New Mexico State University sheds light on bed bug resistance to the neonicotinoid class of pesticides. March 8, 2016 Subscribe Some of […]

Introducing Mosquito.Tech

We are pleased to introduce Mosquito.Tech This is our new site that is dedicated to controlling and eradicating mosquitoes and protecting you and your family from the diseases that these horrible insects bring. Eventually we are going to have a full line of mosquito misting systems, screens, bed enclosures, both organic and general pesticides, and […]

Mosquitoes Are Coming-Are You Ready?

  Mosquito Control Tips It’s mid February and the days are getting longer. Spring is coming even though as I write this it’s now 11° outside. With spring come the bugs. And that’s typically something that we as pest control operators look forward to happening. Not this year. I believe as does many of my […]

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