Wildlife Control

Wildlife Control Services To Protect Your Home

Wildlife Control involves the removal of animals that have become a nuisance due to damage to homes, buildings, and property.  A3 Superior Pest is licensed in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey for the abatement of these animals. 

Wildlife removal services in all cases are governed by rules and regulations that specify when animals can be removed. For example Bats typically rear young from early Spring through August preventing any interference in their actions. Red Flying Squirrels are endangered so any exclsion techniques must take into account their breeding season.

In all cases, the goal is to remove the animals in a humane manner and to prevent their return through pest-proofing services similar to that of rodent exclusion. Areas that come under most attacks from animal intrusion are chimneys, unscreened vents, Ridge vent areas, gaps around garage doors, gaps under siding, unscreened vents as well as areas damaged by water that allow easy intrusion. 

Nuisance Wildlife Control should be implemented BEFORE a problem occurs. This is better for you, the animal, and those living around you. The best time to control wild animals is before they get into your home. A3 Superior can provide advanced animal control services that will make your home a fortress. and prevent nuisance wildlife from getting into your home.