May: Lyme Disease Awareness Month

EntsocAmerica: RT @megsquitophd: It’s Lyme Disease Awareness Month! 1) Be aware of tick habitats. 2) Wear an EPA registered repellent product. 3) Do a thorough tick check after being out and about where ticks may be found.#LDAM #NoTimeForLyme #tickt… — Jeff Klein; ACE (@BedbugXpert) May 3, 2021

Tick Bites-How To Prevent Them

How To Avoid Tick Bites Getting bitten from ticks is a risk we run every time we are outside in our yards. Ticks can be transported from wildlife such as squirrels, deer, mice, cats, dogs and birds. Pretty much any type of wildlife that crosses through your yard can bring ticks along with them. With … Read more