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As an apartment or property manager, your priority is to maintain a comfortable, clean, and safe environment for your residents. One of the most critical aspects of this responsibility is ensuring your properties remain pest-free. This is where A3 Superior Pest Control comes into play.

Bed Bug Bites

What Bed Bugs Look Like What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like? I often get asked what Bed Bug Bites look like. People often want to show myself and my staff their areas of irritation-many times without any care about where those bites may be… Unfortunately you cannot tell if you have bedbugs by the marks they … Read more

Bed Bug Heat Treatments in NYC

https://youtu.be/1CQW59qSQO0 Bed Bug Heat Treatments in NYC By A3 Superior Pest Control Thermal remediation (aka Bed Bug Heat Treatments) for bed bugs in New York City present special challenges to those that provide the services. In many cases we are required to work in units that are not easily accessible due to either the height or the configuration … Read more

Bed Bug Truck Thermal Treatments

Bed Bug Truck Thermal Treatments The above video demonstrates the same principles of using a box truck to heat treat your belongings for bed bugs. The unit temperature is easily controlled and the items within easily manipulated to ensure everything is treated thoroughly killing all bed bugs as well as their eggs. The primary benefit … Read more

Bed Bugs Can Induce Deadly Systemic Reactions in Humans Reported By Researchers

Rodent Control in New York City As we can see by this Wikipedia article Rats are such an issue in New York City that they have their own Wikipedia section. Rats are an ongoing challenge to the pest control operator. This would be true of any area but New York City poses particular challenges. The main challenge that we … Read more

Color Preferences Of Bed Bugs or Do Bed Bugs Like Certain Colors

Color Preferences of Bed Bugs? Researchers recently published findings stating that bedbugs like certain colors over others. The latest findings show that the darker tints or colors are much more attractive to bed bugs then lighter shades. This of course makes great sense because bed bugs typically are not fast, they don’t fly, they don’t … Read more

Cost of Heat Treating For Bed Bugs Can Vary Greatly

There are many factors involved in the price of bed bug heat treatment What is the Price of Heat Treating for bed bugs? Are bedbug heat treatments that much more costly than traditional bedbug treatments? What is the cost of heat treating for bed bugs and cost of a bed bug heat treatment is a very common question.  The … Read more

Post On Bed Bug Injuries by Susan C Jones

Fact Sheet on Bed Bugs by Susan C Jones, PH.D., Assistant Professor of Entomology Extension Specialist, Household and Structural Pests of The Ohio State University Extension See the original article by clicking on the link below: Susan Jones Ohio Extension Bedbugs are parasites that preferentially feed on humans. Ifpeople arenʼt available, they instead will feed … Read more

Fly Control NYC Restaurants

Controlling Flies in NYC Restaurants House flies, Phorid flies, fruit flies, black-eyed fruit flies, and moth flies can all be found wherever you have unsanitary conditions that contain both food and moisture. One of the biggest challenges we have in the pest control arena is fly control in restaurants and food processing facilities. Flies are … Read more