Bird Netting Services

Bird Exclusion With Netting Middle Balcony

Bird Netting

Bird Netting Services are one of the areas A3 Superior Pest Control excels at providing. With over 25 years experience in handling nuisance birds we have cost effective solutions to eliminate even the worst bird problem including sanitizing and cleaning areas impacted by bird waste. Birds can be quite challenging due to bird pressure from certain species such as Pigeons. Other issues develop from sheer numbers of birds or areas that create harborage. Bird pressure or the instinctive drive to return to roosting or nesting areas can be very strong in certain bird species making Bird Control challenging and netting is the best way to permanently exclude birds from your property. Bird netting is one of the options for Bird Control that provide permanent solutions that will not ruin your view or look unsightly. Call for  FREE estimate whether its a balcony, water tank, sign, overpass, loading dock, courtyard etc. No job is too big for the experts at A3 Superior Pest Control.  

Bird Netting Is Humane Bird Control

  • No Harm To Birds.
  • Birds Are Permanently Excluded.
  • In Most Cases Netting Is Almost Invisible.
  • Bird Netting Is Perfect For Large Areas. 
  • The Only Realiable Way To Exclude Birds From Nesting Sites.
  • Using Stainless Steel Hardware Bird Netting Is Warrantied For 10 Years.
NYC Pigeon Control

Why Bird Netting for Control?

Bird control is necessary for several reasons. Bird droppings damage the substrate due to their acidic nature. Birds can cause electrical fires, leaks, unsanitary conditions, can spread disease and pests to humans and pets, and overall create a filthy, unsanitary mess.  Bird Netting provides long term control and can be done in a way that provides human access to areas but will keep out 100% of Pest Birds from your property. 

Pest Bird Netting Solutions

Netting of Courtyards, Balconies, Bridges, Tunnels, Overpasses, and more will prevent bird damage from occurring. Droppings are quite acidic and will damage metal, brick and other surfaces over time.  

Bird Netting Example

A3 Superior Pest Control Provides Netting For Pest Birds

We have  Bird Netting jobs, Bird Spike, Bird Slide in New York State that have been in place over 20 years keeping birds out of courtyards, water tanks, balconies and other areas birds should not be allowed to inhabit. If you have a bird problem that requires knowledgeable, experienced installers trust A3 Superior to provide permanent, guaranteed bird control.