Bed Bug Protection Package

A3 Superior Pest Control Presents:

The Bed Bug Protection Package

Residential Bed Bug Protection from Bed Bugs year-round.
No additional costs for treatment.
Quarterly inspections or as requested.
Complete peace of mind when it comes to experiencing a bed bug infestation in your home or apartment.

A3 Superior starts with a complete canine inspection of your home or apartment at the regular rate of $350. Once you are found to be clear the program is put into place. We provide the following:
1) A complete inspection of the residence with recommendations to prevent pest infestation and the option to have us provide closing and sealing of vulnerable areas.

2) Climb-ups are installed for ready inspection throughout the residence.

3) Quarterly inspections are scheduled to check the unit. Any additional inspections are included for your complete peace of mind.

A3 Superior will help you prepare your unit for treatment. Once prepared we will schedule your treatment. 30 Days later we come back to inspect to make sure that the infestation is eliminated. You have complete Bed Bug Protection

The program is surprisingly affordable. Realize that if you do end up getting infested with bed bugs extermination costs could run several thousand dollars. In most cases, this is because infestations are allowed to expand and grow and by the time pest control operators are brought in it has spread to many different areas of the home. Our program will teach you best-management practices and along with unlimited inspections will allow us to catch an infestation early thus elimination is much easier and less encompassing and much less stressful. Because there is such a big difference in home and apartment sizes plus people’s risk factors pricing is generally based on a complete survey of the home, building, and a brief questionnaire.

Call today for pricing to get complete peace of mind when it comes to Bed Bug Protection!