Pest control for schools both public and private are of a very sensitive nature. In all cases judicious use of pesticides must be employed at all times to protect the teachers as well as the students that spend many hours of every day in this environment. In most cases integrated pest management or IPM is the gold standard. This does not mean that pesticides are not employed to control pests. What this means is that pesticides are used judiciously and only when situations are present that call for such use.

Educational pest control is primarily monitoring to ensure that standards are being met and that pest levels are being controlled within a certain level. The main challenges to educational pest control are primarily rodents, cockroaches, and bed bugs. Although body lice are sometimes an issue this is something that the medical community will address and very rarely will be taken care of by the pest management company insured with the protection of the school.

Pest control in schools entails making sure that the exterior perimeters are controlled, making sure that basements as well as rooftops are well-sealed and protected, and making sure that any products used are in line with the specification provided by both the school as well as the governmental authorities having jurisdiction.