Carpet Beetle Elimination

How to control carpet beetles

Carpet Beetles are a horrible insect.They have a voracious appetite and will feed on almost anything. Unfortunately they can do great damage before their presence is even known. We have treated units that have experienced literally thousands of dollars in damage to artwork, carpeting, rugs, leather goods, wool and silk clothing, taxidermy and animal hides. We’ve even seen damage to leather bound books. Luckily they can be eliminated but they can be a tough adversary. In general when treating for carpet beetles a very thorough job must be done. We have provided heat treatments for carpet beetles but typically the amount of time that it takes to heat treat can be excessive but for those that want a 100% no pesticide green program there are very few alternatives.

Methods Of Carpet Beetle Removal

How To Eliminate Carpet Beetles. Traditional methods combined with specific pesticides in combination with insect growth regulators which interfere with the complete metamorphosis that these insects undergo typically is the best and most widely used program available for carpet beetle remediation. We have provided green programs where we use essential oils and provided specialty treatments on furnishings such as carpets, rugs and furniture successfully. In most cases a combination of HEPA vacuuming combined with these treatments will provide the fastest relief from carpet beetle damage.

How To Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

To properly eliminate Carpet Beetles from apartments and homes  you MUST start with a thorough survey. Be wary of a company that gives you a firm price over the phone. If its really bad they will not do a good job and if its only lightly infested why pay more? A complete survey of the property must be implemented to find all hiding and feeding as well as breeding areas. Different levels of insect infestation require different strategies and there is no “one size fits all” carpet beetle removal program. In certain cases items may have to be removed for fumigation or areas will have to be heat treated. Especially if they are found within heavily stuffed items such as couches or high value Taxidermy. Our Carpet Beetle inspection are FREE. Call Today!

Carpet Beetle Larvae Information

Typically the larvae of these insects are the ones that provide the most damage. These are easily discernible due to their size and also tactile hairs that are present around the body. They almost appear like fuzzy caterpillars.  In some instances we find that people are very allergic to these hairs as they are very sharp and can become embedded in the skin. Several cases where people thought they actually had bed bugs were in fact carpet beetle larva that were present and the cast skins were creating an irritating environment. We have found that the larvae are attracted to certain types of fabrics over others. Preferred foods include animal products, such as skins, furs, feathers, wool, hair and dead insects. Silk, natural cotton also seem to be a favorite. Some of the all natural beds always seem to have an issue. Whether this is coming in from the factory or it happens to be a common issue at home we do not know. The fact that Carpet Beetles Fly make determining where they are originating from even more difficult.

Carpet Beetle and Larvae

A3 Superior Pest Control eliminates Carpet Beetles

What we do know is if you have a carpet beetle issue that needs to be eliminated and you want a reputable company to provide the work with a written warranty, A3 Superior Pest Control is that company. We have provided many successful carpet beetle treatments using everything from traditional methods to heat treatment to get rid of carpet beetles from people’s homes and their belongings. We can actually provide a truck that will come to you and we can heat treat everything from furs, leather items, rugs – pretty much anything that’s removable. For large-scale infestations we can treat everything from single rooms to entire residences. Carpet beetles cause a lot of damage. Foodstuffs, personal items, collectibles if it’s organic they can eat it. You do not have to live with carpet beetles. They can be exterminated and you can stop the damage. Call us for a free quote on carpet beetle remediation.