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Woodmere New York Pest Management Best Pest Management in Woodmere NY

Woodmere is a hamlet in Nassau County, New York. It is one of the Long Island communities known as the Five Towns, which is usually said to comprise the villages of Lawrence and Cedarhurst, the hamlets of Woodmere and Inwood, and “The Hewletts”, which consist of the villages of Hewlett Bay Park, Hewlett Harbor and Hewlett Neck and the hamlet of Hewlett. Although Woodmere is not much of resort area as it once was, it is a popular place for summer renters because it is close enough to Manhattan for working parents to have the pleasures of the shorefront and an easy commute.

Woodmere is the largest and most populous community in the Five Towns. The Five Towns is known regionally for its collection of wealthy villages and hamlets. The area is one of the wealthiest in New York State. It is a mixture of large custom designed houses and smaller suburban split-levels. The public schools in the Five Towns are generally regarded as among the best on the Island and there are also a substantial number of private schools.
Woodmere may be a great place to live and raise a family but even it runs the risk of having unwanted household pests. Being proactive when it comes to pest control is a must.

Best Pest Control Services in Woodmere NY

We take pride in providing superior pest control services to all residents in Woodmere and the communities known as the Five Towns! We understand the demand for service and we are knowledgeable of the structures of the homes and businesses of the neighborhoods within Brooklyn heights. Our company originated back in 1999, when we were a single man operated business. We have since grown in our traditional and non-traditional pest management programs as well as thermal remediation, which we have been using to heat treat the NY Metro Area (New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania) for bed bugs since 2007. Making us one of the most experienced companies out there that provide thermal remediation.

How did we come to be one of the best? Because we are GREAT at what we do and we take are jobs, and our customers, very seriously! We treat every client with respect and honesty and are knowledgeable in all areas of pest control and prevention. Oh!! Did we mention we offer free insect identification? If you don’t know what type of pest you’re dealing with just give our office a call. We can have you send us a picture, or even send us the bug! We have the experience and expertise to get the Job done.

If you want results, call the BEST in PEST, AAA Superior Pest!

Woodmere has a Termite & Ant Problem-Know the difference!

Whether its Termites , Bed Bugs, Rats or Cockroaches-A3 Superior Has You Covered!

In Woodmere NY we exterminate:

 Wasps – all varieties
 Ticks
 Termites – baiting and traditional programs
 Cockroaches
 Centipedes
 Carpet Beetle
 Bees – all varieties
 Bed Bugs – using Heat or Traditional Methods
 Ants – all varieties
 Spiders
 Silverfish
 Rats
 Mice
 Earwigs
 Mosquitos
 Mites
 Flies
 Fleas
 Crickets
 Clothing Moths

We also provide:

 Organic Pest Control Programs
 Pre-Demolition Rodent Control Certification
 Rodent Exclusion
 Structural Pest Proofing

A3 Superior's 20th Year Anniversary