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9 Secrets You Need To Know About Bed Bug Control

How to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

ALL avenues and options must be explored and employed to properly eliminate bed bugs. See the National Pest Management Associations “Best Bed Bug Management Practices” here  

We always recommend starting with inspection whether visual or if it is a suspected case we recommend using a dog. Dogs are using their sense of smell not their eyes like humans and therefore are much more accurate. Dogs are not foolproof though and it is important that no matter who you use you have them demonstrate their dog prior to a search. Our Certified Canines are professional bed bug dogs!

We can also teach you about these insects and why you should never assume marks on someone’s body is from bed bug bites. Did you know that 30% of the population is immune to reactions and that this jumps to 50% at the age of 50 and older? How about that most building-wide bed bug infestations can usually be traced back through DNA testing to ONE single insect? There’s a lot to know about bed bug control and we are bed bug control experts. We are also honest and trustworthy and will never take advantage of our clients.

 Options For Bed Bug Control

We start with a complete survey of your home or apartment. We then develop a plan that will provide the least impact on you and your family and pets.


Thermal Remediation-Heat is used to kill all eggs, nymphs, and adults in 1 treatment. Full day. 100%  Green. Can be pricey.

Biological-Kills all Bed Bugs within 45 days sometimes sooner depending on the level of infestation. 100% Green. NO PREPARATION in most cases.

 Bed Bug Remediation Tips

Bed bugs are challenging insects so be wary of the kits being sold online. In most cases, you will only make the infestation of bed bugs worse and more expensive. You really need to know what you’re doing when it comes to bed bug control.
It’s important to not panic. It’s also important to not disturb too many items in the home if you think that you have bed bugs. Inspect carefully all around the edges of your mattress and box spring, be sure to check your headboard if you have one and of course always check the foundation. In a lot of cases, we find most bed bugs inside the box spring.
We do offer a full line of supplies for monitoring, as well as prevention of bed bugs, including but not limited to passive monitors and mattress encasements. Our services for bed bugs are not only top of the line, they also come fully equipped with follow up inspections for live bed bugs on the premises, and up to a 90-day warranty (all conditions of contracts are determined on a per situation basis).To purchase supplies please click here.


We provide consulting services and can give you the best methods of eradication and extermination so that you can do it yourself. In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, there are a lot of products available online that will work if used properly. Unfortunately, in New York State most of the best products are restricted to commercial users only so that puts New Yorkers in a position where you have to rely on professional bed bug treatment. But we also have heat treatment equipment along with the supervisor that we can rent to you for the day that will allow you to do it yourself and save you money.  Call us for more information at 877 – 757 – 7767.

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