Latest News On Zika Creates Caution In Summer

Latest News On Zika Creates Caution In Summer

The Aedes Mosquito is widespread so the Zika Virus is sure to be present in our area.

Nothing good to report on the Zika virus based on the latest studies and the news continues to get worse. This virus affects women that are pregnant and can cause severe birth defects in their children.  This was presented by the CDC on April 20th. The Zika Virus is looking more and more like it is going to give us a lot of trouble. Mix this with the similarities of the Asian Tiger Mosquito and we could be in for a rough summer.
“CDC Finds Causal Relationship Between Zika Virus, Birth Defects Agency Also Finds Zika Spread Through Gay Sex, Creates Pregnancy Registry

that the Zika virus can pass from mother to child and lead to severe birth defects. On April 13, the CDC published a special report( in the New England Journal of Medicine that concluded there is a solid causal relationship between prenatal Zika virus infection and microcephaly and other serious brain anomalies.

Latest Report on the Zika Virus

In the report, titled “Zika Virus and Birth Defects — Reviewing the Evidence for Causality,” researchers noted that evidence supporting this causal relationship included virus infection during prenatal development that was consistent with the defects observed. They also found a “specific, rare phenotype involving microcephaly and associated brain anomalies in fetuses or infants with presumed or confirmed congenital Zika virus infection.” In addition, data strongly supported biological plausibility — including through identifying the Zika pathogen in the brain tissue of affected fetuses and infants.

“Given the recognition of this causal relationship, we need to intensify our efforts toward the prevention of adverse outcomes caused by congenital Zika virus infection,” the report said.” The full story can be found here.

In addition, there are ongoing studies on long term Neurological effects that will affect a certain number of the population long after exposure and recovery. In addition we have the paralysis that causes the repiratory system to shut down. So we have a scary situation arising that hopefully doesn’t get out of control. I have a feeling we will be seeing aerial spraying where municipalities can afford it. The remainder will have to fend for themselves. Remember in NJ and PA we can provide treatments that will help you reduce the risk of mosquitoes and we also carry several devices (see Mosquito.Tech) that will keep them and other biting insects away using organic methods. Stay tuned…